Use it or Lose it

The Biggest Flop for your Buck- Your Unused Dental Benefits

Have you taken advantage of your insurance to the best of your ability this year? Nobody likes to waste money! Make your insurance work for you- not the other way around. You paid an insurance premium for dental coverage every month this year but whether you used them in their entirety or not, benefits do not roll over into the next year. 

Consider if you’ve had a cleaning and exam this year. Exams and x-rays are usually covered at 100% and most cleanings are allowed at least twice a year. Exams give your dentist a chance to review your oral health and share important information with you to increase your quality of life. Cleanings with our hygienists guarantee a fresh feel and shiny polish afterwards. If you haven’t had at least two cleanings or an exam this year, call to schedule an appointment with any of our beautiful office locations. 

Sometimes people are hesitant to begin their treatment due to cost and uncertainty but that is why the end of the year is the best time to start cracking into those benefits. With the help of our Patient Coordinators and Practice Administrators, your treatment may be able to be split between the current and next year, further reducing your chances of maxing out of your benefits. After developing your treatment, we strategically plan to completion and offer multiple financing options along the way. We will always try to find the “yes” for you and we are dedicated to serving you and helping you “Smile Out Loud”.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”- Wayne Gretzky