Day To Day


If the nerve or pulp of a tooth becomes infected, a root canal is usually necessary. This procedure saves the tooth by removing the infection and cleaning out its inside. However, the tooth is then more susceptible to breakage, so a crown can be used once the root canal is done. 


Cavities are typically seen on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth, since a toothbrush cannot usually reach the grooves. Sealants protect the grooves and prevent cavities from forming. 


At LiveHealthy Dental, we provide natural-looking dentures to allow you to smile with confidence. Our team will work with you to customize the shade and appearance of your dentures.
Another treatment option to consider is hybrid dentures, which consist of dental implants and dentures that are fixed into place. This is the most natural-looking and -feeling option for replacing your teeth with dentures. Call our office today to learn more.


Implant treatments have become the optimal option for replacing missing teeth. An implant is a titanium screw that is placed into the area of the missing tooth. Once the implant is allowed to heal and fuse to the bone, a replacement tooth or crown is placed. At LiveHealthy Dental, we work alongside a periodontist in the placement of the implant. Call our office today to get a consultation about implants.


Crowns are used to cover natural teeth or implants. They are cemented into place. At LiveHealthy Dental, we can create a crown that matches the color of your natural teeth, so no one will even know! 


This is one option for replacing missing teeth. It’s similar to a crown, but a bridge uses a false tooth to replace the missing tooth. And you won’t have to worry about removing it like you would with a partial denture.

Teeth Whitening

At LiveHealthy Dental, we offer the Sinsational Smile teeth whitening system. You can whiten your teeth in just 20 minutes for much less than you’ll pay at other offices. The ideal time to have your teeth whitened is following a cleaning. Call us today to schedule your teeth whitening appointment.


These are used to fill the hole left in a tooth when a cavity is removed. The filling restores the tooth to a natural shape. At LiveHealthy Dental, we use tooth-colored fillings instead of silver or amalgam ones, as they look better and require a minimal removal of the tooth structure.


These are a thin porcelain shell that is placed over the teeth to improve their look. They can change a tooth’s size, shape, length, and/or shade. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

Mouth Guards

Do you play a contact sport where your teeth and mouth are susceptible to injury? A mouth guard offers protection. Call us today to schedule an appointment to be fitted for one. 

Periodontal/Gum Disease

Gum disease is very common, but also very preventable. It’s caused when a bacterial infection is developed underneath the gums and destroys the jaw bone. If not treated, tooth loss can result. Gum disease has also been linked with heart disease, stroke, premature birth, and respiratory illness. At LiveHealthy Dental, we want our patients to have healthy smiles. Call us to make an appointment. 


A panorex is used to take a 360-degree picture of your whole head, including the teeth, bones, and sinuses. This allows the dentist to better locate any potential issues and make sure everything is in order. The panorex is better able to detect certain types of structural problems and infections. 


Digital X-rays use 80% less radiation than standard X-rays. They also allow the dentist to place the X-ray into an imaging program for an up-close look. 


Oral cancer screenings have become a necessary part of the dental visit. As with any type of cancer, early detection is key and these screenings allow us to do so with greater accuracy. An ultraviolet light is used to give a view the naked eye simply can’t. Certain groups of the population, such as smokers and heavy drinkers, are at greater risk for oral cancer, so be sure to get screened during each visit. 

Intraoral Cameras

These cameras allow us to view the entire mouth on a monitor for a much better look. Using them, we are better able to detect any potential problems. The patient also gets a chance to see his or her mouth if desired. These images are excellent when trying to get your insurance provider to approve a procedure.

Night Guards

Do you wake up with jaw pain? Grinding your teeth while sleeping can also cause tooth wear. A night guard can protect them. Call today to have a custom guard made for you!

Nitrous Oxide

Also known as laughing gas, this gives those patients with anxiety about the dentist a way to relax during the appointment. It can cause a feeling a warmth, a tingling sensation, or a feeling of sinking in the chair. Someone to drive you home is not needed, as the effects wear off once the mask is removed. Call today to make an appointment.