Proactive Dental Solution

With the ever-changing labor market, it is hard to get situated in a career home with constant changes in the economy and labor force due to the Covid pandemic. While you continue trying out new companies to determine what is the best fit for you, the last thing you want to do is worry about when and if you have dental insurance with your job. 


A great option to save money on dental care is Proactive Dental Solution.  Proactive Dental Solution is a discount dental fee plan offering great discounts on all dental services.  This discount fee plan offers an immediate reduction in prices for all aspects of your dental care, including preventative, restorative, major services, and even cosmetic and Invisalign.  What this means is that all dental treatment will be discounted!   


One of the best things about Proactive Dental Solution is having your dental cleanings and exams covered at 100% with absolutely no waiting period.  This means that the moment you enroll, you are able to see the doctor with minimal to no out of pocket costs. If you need a routine dental cleaning, this is covered at your first visit.  With Proactive Dental Solution, deep cleanings can be discounted as much as 75% off the usual fee.  Sometimes, there are patients that required a deeper cleaning due to bacteria destroying the bone, creating areas that are challenging to clean for the dental team.  First, if you think you need this treatment, this may not be your fault, as it could be due to bacteria that was passed onto you as a child.  Your doctor can explain the science behind this.  But nevertheless, it needs to be evaluated as soon as possible.This condition, if untreated, could lead to or increase your chance of high blood pressure, diabetes, low birth weight babies, Alzheimer’s, and obesity.  It can also be very painful, cause bad breath, and in extreme circumstances cause tooth loss! 


Unfortunately, mainstream marketing and misleading commercials try and make you believe that products like mouthwash will cure this condition. If you have this condition underneath the gum line, that is leading to periodontal disease, then the only solution is to see a dental professional.This is because they have special tools to remove these harmful bugs and bacteria on the attack in your mouth. Unfortunately, there are dental offices out there that do not find periodontal disease identification to be a priority. This can be confusing to patients. A truly devoted dental professional will show you the problem. An experienced dental professional will not neglect this condition simply because you would like to have a free routine cleaning.  Your dental health is evident on the x-rays and measurements taken by the dental team.  Be open minded to your cure and let Proactive Dental Solution help you along the way by making this procedure affordable.


If you are interested in the fun part of dental care and want to improve and enhance the beauty of your smile, let Proactive Dental Solution help you as well.  An experienced dental professional in Invisalign can offer you creative and user-friendly ways to straighten teeth, fix teeth that are overlapping, and even close those annoying spaces.  Did you know that even if your parents had you in braces when you were young, your teeth will continue to move ever so slightly day and night, perhaps resulting in a smile you do not like and creating environments under the gums that allow bacteria to flourish, creating problems like periodontal disease. Let Proactive Dental Solutions help you with the costs of cosmetic treatments like Invisalign.