Is the tooth fairy real?

The Tooth Fairy is a mythical creature derived from ancient times, who collects the deciduous teeth that have fallen out of children’s mouths in exchange for money. Countries all over the world have some form of cultural arrangement with the Tooth Fairy, where the Tooth Fairy leaves money or coins for teeth left overnight underneath a child’s pillow. There are writings from as early as the 1200s originating in Europe, depicting this tradition.

In Northern Europe, the ancient tradition had the term of “tand fe,” which meant tooth fee, for the tradition of paying a fee for a lost baby tooth. The custom has remained steadfast for centuries. Since 1998, Delta Dental has annually conducted their “Tooth Fairy Poll” to measure the generosity of the Tooth Fairy. Delta Dental further established the “Tooth Fairy Index,” which compares the Tooth Fairy’s exchange rates to that of the S&P 500. Interestingly enough, Delta Dental’s Tooth Fairy Index consistently tracks the S&P 500. The most recent results from January 2020 continue to result in this same trend.

Given this impressive data, the Tooth Fairy provides families an opportunity to turn the traumatic experience of losing a baby tooth into a positive and exciting time. The Tooth Fairy visit can be anticipated and savored by your sweet little ones. More often than not, children are frightened about the thought of their parent touching a tooth that is falling out. With parents coming at the tooth ready to wiggle out an unsightly tooth hanging onto very little gum tissue, the child’s anxiety will only get worse. However, with the existence of the magical Tooth Fairy, children throughout the world learn to get excited about losing baby teeth. Their curiosity and doubts are confirmed when observing their peers earn substantial profits from lost deciduous teeth.

With so much going on in a society filled with distractions and demands, sometimes the Tooth Fairy can forget your little one’s tooth fee. Do not worry, simply explain to your little one that the Tooth Fairy sometimes has a lot of market to cover in one night, and there may have been way too many houses to be included in the prior evening’s run. Simply place the tooth again under the pillow and allow the Tooth Fairy to do her work.

The Tooth Fairy also provides an opportunity to promote positive dental habits and reduce anxiety about visiting the dentist. At any Narducci Dental Group practice, when your child has a precious tooth extracted, we will ensure that this valuable commodity is packaged securely so that your little one can confidently take her tooth home to prepare for this exciting custom. Let the Tooth Fairy continue to be the cultural phenomenon that creates a positive outlook on normal dental growth and processes.