Is Invisalign right for my child?

The end of the year is a great time to start thinking about starting to straighten your child’s teeth, as a holiday gift, or as a great way to start the year off right.

Invisalign is a method that can be used to straighten your teeth using clear aligners and is supervised by a general dentist or an orthodontist. It is easier than regular braces and takes a fraction of the time. It is easier because you can clean your teeth normally during therapy, and nothing gets caught in them because you can remove them when you are eating.

Invisalign was the best thing for my child because she was a student athlete and constantly on the go. She could easily clean and brush after eating lunch and snacks, and this quickly became an easy habit to do, nevertheless, a very healthy habit! She also benefited as an athlete because Invisalign functioned as a mouth guard during a contact sport like soccer, and even in basketball. There were many times my child would take a hard hit to the face during a play by a player or a ball, and Invisalign was there to protect her teeth. No brackets making a bloody mess.

Invisalign was also great because my child was able to see fast results during her middle school years, a time of uncertainty and critical time of development in self-confidence. She was able to smile with more confidence than having brackets because her retainers were clear and virtually invisible. Her teammates would only see them as she removed them for a meal during a team outing, and they would be excited at seeing her unique way of getting her teeth straightened.

Her dentist was with her along the way to cheer her on at her monthly visits. There were months she needed to wear rubber bands to move her teeth into the right position, and when hitting these milestones, he was just as excited about it as my child.  

I never worried about my child losing her aligners, as my dentist was confident in my child being responsible. And my child rose to the occasion and responsibility. It all starts with the provider and you, as a parent, letting them have the chance to take on the responsibility. Children are learning so much information every day, as their little brains are developing and ready to incorporate new concepts. Invisalign is just another one of those things my child incorporated into her routine as she moved into becoming a teenager.

In just half the amount of time as regular braces, my child was able to start high school a beautiful set of straight teeth. She was excited to take a family photo for the next holiday card with a renewed sense of confidence in her appearance.  

As a bonus at the end of therapy, the cost of treatment included a final set of retainers, which she uses every night to keep her pretty teeth straight and maintained in place. She also uses them as her mouth guard during sports. Still on the go, she easily remembers to pack them with her toothbrush for her games on the road.

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