Dental Fillers for Gaps: How Is It Done?

The gaps between the teeth are called diastemas. These may be normal for kids, as baby teeth are naturally smaller than adult ones. So, the gaps are there to compensate for the larger future teeth. However, larger teeth gaps for adults, especially in the front teeth, can be obvious, affecting how the smile looks.

At LiveHealthy Dental, we fix a front teeth gap through cosmetic dental procedures such as veneers, crowns, or braces. But if you are looking for the most affordable and effective way how to close your teeth gap, our cosmetic dentists recommend dental fillers.

What are gap fillers?

A tooth gap filler is essentially the same material used for dental fillings. This is made of composite resin that is layered and molded over your tooth. This is shaped to create a natural cover for the tooth gap to enhance your smile.

So how do dentists fill gaps in teeth using fillers? Let’s go over the process so you can better understand how it works…

1. Prepping your tooth…

Some surface grinding is needed for the dental filling material to cover your tooth naturally. This is very minimal and is barely noticeable. The idea is to create a roughened surface for seamlessly blending the resin material on your tooth.

2. Reshaping the tooth and covering the gap…

Then, the composite resin filling is layered over the tooth and is shaped along the process. This is done with incredible attention to detail to ensure absolute likeness to your natural teeth. As each layer is placed, it will be cured using blue light. This hardens the composite material in place.

3. Perfecting the restoration…

Aside from covering gaps, it is also crucial that each tooth is shaped on its own. This means that the filling on one tooth should not touch the filling of the adjacent tooth. Your dentist will make it so you can still floss in between your teeth just like you usually would. This makes hygiene care easier so you can better take care of your smile.

The process of shaping and curing the filling between teeth is done until all teeth gaps are closed.

4. Polishing the resin

Once your cosmetic dentist is satisfied, the next step is to polish and smoothen the composite to create a beautiful and bright smile. Also, polishing removes rough areas prone to plaque accumulation that may compromise your oral health.

How much do gap fillings cost?

Dental fillers for gaps are the most cost-effective solution for gaps in the teeth. But, this procedure is not for everyone. It is best for you to consult one of our top cosmetic dentists so they can provide a suitable treatment for your case.

And if tooth fillers for gaps are recommended to perfect your smile, our Team will gladly explain the fees involved. As there is no “one price fits all” for dental procedures, it is best to schedule a consultation with us for a personalized treatment plan and a definite fee assessment.

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