Cavities in Children’s Teeth: Cause and Treatment

Cavities are a dental disease for people of all ages, and children are perhaps the most affected. Early cavities in children’s teeth have serious consequences. This includes early tooth extraction, bad breath, infection, and teeth spacing and crowding.

To help parents understand childhood tooth decay, here are some reasons why children have bad teeth and child tooth decay treatment options available.

What causes cavities in children’s teeth?

To better understand tooth decay in children, we will take a closer look at its causes.

1. Hygiene habits

Good oral health starts with excellent hygiene habits at home. But because young kids are yet to develop the manual dexterity, attitude and behavior for proper hygiene care, getting them to brush their teeth regularly may be difficult. A recent study concluded that only half of children ages 2 – 3 know how to brush their teeth.

Parents should allow children under the age of 9 to brush their teeth to the best of their ability, then follow behind the child with an additional 2-minutebrush. Introduce your child to flossing and little by little, attempting to floss between all teeth.

2. Sugar intake

It is not a secret that children love candies and sweets. However, sweets are notorious for demineralizing tooth enamel. These cause plaque build-up, allowing bacteria to proliferate and eat away the tooth structure. This is especially if they are not removed with toothbrushing.

3. Baby bottle caries and milk

Another factor that results in bad teeth with kids is leaving the baby bottle with milk in the mouth while they sleep. This is a problem with young ones who cannot sleep without a baby bottle. Sugar from the milk formula can rapidly cause tooth decay, causing most front teeth to turn black.


Lastly, genetics can also be to blame for tooth decay in children. This is primarily due to enamel defects that make the teeth more susceptible to bacteria colonization and demineralization.

Treatments for Childhood Tooth Decay

Despite being largely preventable, tooth decay remains one of the world’s most common diseases. To ensure excellent oral health for your kids, some of the treatments we offer at LiveHealthy Dental are:

  • Preventive dentistry

This is the most effective way to prevent tooth decay. The first dental visit is recommended at one year old to familiarize your child with the dentist and dental clinic. During the visit, a comprehensive check-up, teeth cleaning, fluoride application, and oral health education are also performed. After that, regular dental visits at least twice a year can ensure a better and healthier smile as the child ages.

  • Tooth sealants

Sealants are also a preventive treatment and it involves “sealing” deep grooves on the primary teeth to prevent food and bacteria from getting stuck. This keeps the tooth healthy and caries-free. The natural tooth is the best space maintainer. This means that a child with a complete set of teeth is likely to have straighter teeth in the future.

  • Dental fillings

But if cavities are already present, a filling can help restore the tooth to function and health. Bring your child to the dental clinic for assessment as soon as you see brown or black spots on the tooth. The earlier the diagnosis, the better. Otherwise, your dentist may resort to tooth extraction to prevent disease progression.

Children’s Dentistry at LiveHealthy Dental

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