After serving in the United States Air Force and working in an exciting career for the Department Of Defense, Dr. Narducci completed his dental education at the University of Florida, earning his dental degree.

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Overall Health Starts With
the mouth.

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Studies have shown that regular visits to the dentist reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, pregnancy complication, and concerns related to diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.

Systemic Problems


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Bacteria forms a film underneath the gums, particularly where teeth are misaligned. Gum pockets form, further trapping bacteria and debris


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Bacteria inflames the gum tissues and kill gum tissue cells and can invade connective tissue and blood vessels.


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Your immune system creates white blood cells and proteins to fight the inflammation.


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The combination of bacteria, toxins, white blood cells, and acute phase proteins damages the cells that line your coronary arteries, resulting in plaque and leading to hardening of the arteries


“My teenage daughter was very self conscious about her smile to the point she refused to take any photos. Thanks to Dr. Narducci and Invisalign we can’t get her to stop taking selfies! ”


I love the clean, modern facility and the staff are always so welcoming and caring. The hygienist is always thorough, which has helped me not to have any cavities.


Dr. Narducci and her team have been so kind and understanding to me. They deal with my dental issues quickly and expertly, which gave me my smile back. I am so grateful for the service they offer and if you are looking for a dentist in Florida, this is the place to go!



Florida Offices

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9995 Gate Parkway North, 

Suite 310

 Jacksonville, FL 32246

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2797 St Johns Bluff Road S Jacksonville, FL 32246

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4540 Southside Blvd, 

Suite 801

 Jacksonville, FL 32216

Callahan Family Dentistry
Beachwalk Dental​

855 County Rd 210 

Suites A2, A3, 

St Johns, FL 32259

Surfside Dental Center

630 Atlantic Blvd., 

Suite #7 

Neptune Beach, FL 32266

Marietta Dental Group

8209 W. Beaver Street, 

Suite 100 

Jacksonville, FL 32220

Rivertown Dental

205 Rivertown Shops Dr, 

Suite 104

St. Johns, 32259

Riverside Dental

11352 N. Williams St. 

Suite  #505, 

Dunnellon, FL 34432

East Hamlet Dental
Town Park Dental

12950 E. Colonial Drive

 Suite #124 

Orlando, FL 32826

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8075 SW Highway 200, 

Suites 114-115 

Ocala, FL 34481

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